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Dealer Support

ClassicBrand Cabinetry is dedicated to helping our dealers meet the needs of their clients and achieve their business goals.  We are always open to suggestions for ways we can serve you better.   We offer:




ClassicBrand will be introducing.

New Sample Display Stand, this newly designed stand will include a sample of each door style/finish, a compartment for Marble, Wood and Handle Samples. A space for our Brochure will also be provided. Each Dealer will get a stand at no cost complete with all finish samples.

New Faucet Display, this new display will showcase our latest introduction of 3 high Quality European style faucets. We will also introduce a promotion for these faucets in conjunction with a Vanity and Vanity Top combo purchase.

New Kitchen Cabinet Colour, we will introduce our New Dark Grey Stain. The style will be in a Step Shaker allowing for combinations of Grey and White designs. We will have Inventory by April 2017.

Updated 20/20 catalogue and pricing, all new products will be added and updated pricing will be installed by early summer 2017.




New Shipping Program, if you wish to use our delivery service, you will be able to calculate the shipping cost easily. We will introduce a new Zone system and the shipping charges will be calculated as a percentage of the individual order value. Some restrictions will apply.

New Inventory Program, We have added an Inventory Status feature, this feature allows you to check inventory of any SKU in all of our lines. We are clearing old colours and inventory to make way for larger inventories in our more popular SKU’s and Colours. You can expect less out of inventory conditions. We are also increasing the frequency and number of containers to meet our increase in sales.

New quotation system is available to all of our dealers. You can get a very accurate MSRP price for your customer in our website. Quick and Easy.

Our Online ordering system is available to all of our Dealers, we are pleased to assist you in learning how to use it if necessary.



Assembly Service

ClassicBrand cabinetry is pleased to offer our dealers a Kitchen Cabinet and Vanity assembly service.  Orders are scheduled for assembly and ready for pick up within 10-15 days.

 A ClassicBrand customer service staff member will confirm a pick up date once we have received the assembled product completion order.

 A 30% DEPOSIT at the time of order is required; the balance of the invoice amount is due Upon pick up.

 ClassicBrand has a limited amount of space for storage of customer’s finished assembled products.  Therefore: All orders in their entirety must be picked up no later than three days after the scheduled pick up date, ClassicBrand customer service will notify the dealer of the pickup date.

Assembled Bath and Kitchen orders that are not picked up within three days of the agreed scheduled date will be subject to Storage and Handling fees. A Storage and Handling fee of 5% per day will be applicable. The Storage and Handling Fee will be applied to the net value of the order and will be payable upon pick up.

Dealers will be given one late pick up exemption and thereafter all late pickups will be charged accordingly.